Sexual Harassment Awareness and Education Committee

University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine

DOM Share Your Story Survey

The DOM Share Your Story Survey is an on-going survey available to University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine (DOM) staff, faculty and trainees of all levels. The anonymous survey allows anyone in the DOM to submit their comments and experiences related to sexual or gender-based misconduct, including discrimination, harassment, and other examples of gender bias. Whether intended to be offensive or not, these microaggressions, and unconscious biases lower morale and decrease the ability to recruit and retain employees.

The survey is modeled after the STEM Speak Your Story Project created by Dr. Tricia Serio, Dean of Natural Sciences, at the University of Massachusetts – Worcester. With the permission of those submitting a survey, our goal is to use these stories and scenarios to educate DOM staff, faculty and trainees about the nature and impact of gender and sexual harassment on all members of our community.